Good Jobs Strategy Assessment

This 20 question survey will quickly assess your company's urgency and also the leadership inclination for change.

Company (Optional)
What industry do you work in?
1) Our competitors offer a more compelling customer experience than we do
2) Our same unit sales growth is at or below industry average
3) Labor productivity in our units is at or below industry average
4) More than half of our frontline employees leave the company within their first year
5) Our units often have challenges executing corporate plans related to new products, promotions, and services
6) Frontline employee behavior and mistakes are significant drivers of shrink, theft, product & energy waste in our organization
7) We cannot afford to pay a living wage to our frontline employees
8) Our business demands frontline employee schedules to be unpredictable
9) We often have to make last minute changes to frontline employee schedules
10) Our frontline employees are most motivated by pay
11) Our frontline workers have limited skills, which makes it hard to have high expectations and to empower them to make decisions
12) Senior leaders are transparent with all frontline workers about company performance and goals
13) Our CEO has the courage to make bold changes related to employee investment that may hurt short-term performance
14) Our board is comfortable with short-term financial tradeoffs that are aligned with a long-term strategy of prioritizing employees and customers
15) Our CEO has the credibility with the board to make bold changes
16) Frontline employees trust company leadership
17) Coordinating across departments to work together to solve problems is a strength in our company
18) The primary role of our customer-facing units is to execute corporate decisions
19) In our organization, most ideas to increase sales and reduce costs come from headquarters
20) I can name 2-3 favorite frontline ideas that have been implemented in the last year