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Fareed Zakaria: GPS

Why happier employees mean higher profits

PBS News Hour

The ‘Good Jobs’ alternative

The Business Case for Good Jobs

"In her early 2014 bookThe Good Jobs Strategy, MIT business professor Zeynep Ton made what was then a counterintuitive case for paying retail workers more and giving them greater responsibility..."




The Good Jobs Strategy (Joe Nocera)

"Ton brought one of the most radical, and yet one of the most sensible, ideas to Aspen this year. Her big idea is that companies that provide employees a decent living, which includes not just pay but also a sense of purpose and empowerment at work, can be every bit as profitable..."



How Paying Employees More Can Make You More Profitable

"It seems like simple math: The more you pay your employees, the lower your profits. How then, to explain companies such as Costco? Costco pays higher wages than any other warehouse company..."



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