Good Jobs companies have three values in common: Customer first, employees as the most important resource, and continuous improvement. They often publicly prioritize their customers and employees ahead of their investors.

Customer First

Good Jobs companies are obsessed with creating value for the customer and are always assessing what problems they are solving for their customers. Everyone in the organization understands that creating value for the customer is the most important thing they do. The operational choices of the Good Jobs Strategy and investment in people allow a company to put customers first.

Commitment to Employees

The Good Jobs Strategy maximizes the productivity and contribution of employees and allows them to realize their potential. Good Jobs companies are committed to the growth, development, well-being and success of their employees. This means creating an environment in which employees’ basic needs are met and in which high standards push people beyond their current abilities.

Jim Sinegal (pictured right), who co-founded Costco, put this simply:

"Part of our philosophy in our business is that if you go out and hire good people and provide good jobs and good careers and good opportunities, good things will happen in your business"

  • Continuous Improvement

    A culture of continuous improvement means believing that your people are internally motivated to work hard and improve. It also means creating a culture in which people think about problems to be solved rather than people to be blamed.

    In the video to the left, you will hear from Todd Miner, a meat manager at Costco. You will hear how a culture of continuous improvement pushes him to always try to improve and to delight the customer, even when he thinks everything is perfect.

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Todd Miner on High-Performance Standards at Costco