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See why leaders from H-E-B, Costco, QuikTrip, Mud Bay, and Managed by Q are choosing to offer good jobs and what benefits they get from the Good Jobs Strategy.

Case Studies


Good Jobs Strategy at Quest Diagnostic

Good Jobs at Managed by Q

Frontline Leadership at Costco

Mud Bay's Good Jobs Transformation

Speaking Events & MIT Videos

Aspen Ideas Festival:
"Could We Make Even the Worst Jobs, Great Jobs?"

The Good Jobs Strategy: Zeynep Ton at TEDxCambridge

MIT Sloan Expert Series – Zeynep Ton: The Business Case for Good Jobs

Zeynep Ton on How Retailers Can Offer Good Jobs AND Low Prices at Women Employed Gala Event

Good Jobs Strategy: Operational Choices


Good Jobs Strategy

Focus & Simplify

Good Jobs Strategy

Operate with Slack

Good Jobs Strategy

Standardize & Empower

Good Jobs Strategy



Zeynep Ton Interview With The Workforce Institute @ Kronos

Recently I had the pleasure of talking to Zeynep Ton, adjunct associate professor at MIT Sloan School of Management, about her book “The Good Jobs Strategy”. I’ve written about this...

Zeynep Ton on The Lean Blog with Mark Graban

I saw Ton give a lecture at an MIT alumni event back in June and immediately bought and read the book (read my blog post about the book and parallels...

Data Made To Matter Podcast: Zeynep Ton With Neil Hartman

A supply chain expert shows that happy, motivated workers can make big profits for big box companies - that the service and retail industries can provide well-paying jobs, compete on...


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