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We work with companies aligned with our mission to improve the lives of frontline workers in a way that benefits the company and its customers. This site offers you as many free resources and tools as possible. We are also excited to engage in deeper relationships with organizations to offer guidance on these tools and to learn from your own efforts to implement the Good Jobs Strategy. Below are the two types of service we offer:


We become your thought partner as you transform your organization. Our services include helping you align your organization on direction and goals, coaching your leadership and implementation team, and advising you on how to make changes as you implement the Good Jobs Strategy. During our engagement, we typically offer multiple workshops at different stages of the transformation. Contact us to learn more about how we can create a customized experience for your company.

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Workshops & Events


We spend time with your company and teach you how the Good Jobs Strategy works as a system. We do an interactive exercise to identify how your organization can create more value for customers, employees, and investors.



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MIT Sloan Executive Education: The Good Jobs Strategy (June 2018)

“The Good Jobs Strategy: Delivering Superior Value to Customers, Shareholders, and Employees” is designed to help leaders of service businesses create an organization that delivers superior value to customers, employees, and shareholders all at the same time.


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