Good Jobs Scorecard

The Good Jobs Scorecard shows how well your company is delivering value to customers, employees, and investors. You can use this scorecard to clarify financial, competitive, and moral reasons for change. You can also use it to set goals and targets and to track progress. Once you determine your performance gaps, the Good Jobs Diagnostic will help you identify what you need to change.

The Good Jobs Scorecard is a free tool. If you do use it, please email with one idea for improving it or to share with us how you used it.


Examine nine factors related to how well you are meeting your employees’ needs. Are you giving them a compelling reason to stay with the company, show up on time, and use their discretionary effort to work hard and create value for your customers? Do you as a leader feel good about how well your company meets your employees’ basic needs?


Key Questions to Ask and Ways to Measure These Factors →

Examine seven factors related to meeting both basic and higher needs of your customers. Are you giving them a compelling reason to keep buying? Do you create the conditions for customer loyalty?                                                                                                    



Key Questions to Ask and Ways to Measure These Factors →

Examine five areas of operational performance. Is it in the top quartile in your industry? Where could your company be if you achieved operational excellence through the Good Jobs Strategy?



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Key Questions to Ask and Ways to Measure These Factors →

Employee Component

Aspirational Targets & Company Examples

Based on our research and companies we have partnered with, we offer realistic targets for companies to strive towards and examples from real companies that create good jobs for employees.

Higher Needs

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How to Use the Scorecard in Your Organization

Quantify the Upside

Use operational performance analysis to make the financial case for change. Use employee and customer analysis to make the competitive case for change. Use employee analysis—especially how well you are meeting their basic needs—to make the moral case for change.

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Align on What to Change: Tracker Tool

Use the Scorecard to identify which performance gaps you want to close in your Good Jobs Transformation and build a tracker with those measures. Determine your aspirational goals and short-term targets. Once you establish a baseline, you can use the Good Jobs Diagnostic tool to identify what you need to change to close the gaps.

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