Diagnostic Overview

The Good Jobs Strategy Diagnostic is a survey that identifies which elements of the Good Jobs Strategy your company already practices and where you can improve. It is intended for CEOs, senior executives, and frontline managers. Ideally, the assessment should be done individually and then discussed in a group.

The survey has seven sections: an intro section and six sections corresponding to the four operational choices, to investment in people, and to values, as shown in the figure to the left.

The Good Jobs Scorecard is a free tool. If you do use it, please email info@goodjobsinstitute.org with one idea for improving it or to share with us how you used it.

Take Diagnostic Online

You can take the full diagnostic online and instantly see your results.


Download Diagnostic Questions

Download the question lists and a printable diagnostic so that you can use the tool in your company. Please share your e-mail and we will send you a copy of the retail and industry-agnostic questions.

Set up a Diagnostic For Your Team

We can help you set up the survey and provide both the data and the templates to analyze it. Share your e-mail and we can help you get started.